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Spend time outdoors in comfort with this elegant and functional system. Get protection from wind, rain, UV rays and pests with retractable glass that’s easy to use, low maintenance and beautiful!

Engineered for Elegance and Style

Our folding glass walls consists of two horizontal aluminum profiles attached to the terrace roof and floor. Toughened glass panes are attached to the profiles through separate mechanisms allowing the panes to slide and to turn.

The panes are 8, 10 or 12-mm toughened glass.

The first pane is opened by unlocking the handle and it can also be locked in the ventilation position. The other panes can be moved by sliding and turning. When the panes are turned, their hinges lock to the chamfers in the profiles.



Types of Toughened Glass


Clear Glass Panes:
8 mm Clear
10 mm Clear
12 mm Clear


Stained Glass Panes:
8 mm Green
8 mm Grey
8 mm Bronze


Translucent Obscure Glass Panes:
8 mm Satinato

Metal Frame Colors for Track and Hardware

Powder Coated Finish:
Dark Gray
Dark Brown


Security with a Locking System

It has a lock and a handle on both sides and is made of durable safety glass which makes it safe to use as a lockable door.

Working With Design Professionals

We bridge the gap. Simply specifying a product often does not complete the plan for installation. We work in collaboration with design/build professionals at early stages of projects to review plans, product specification and installation considerations for the wide range of solutions we offer. The earlier we connect the better the outcome. This activity is often done through screen shares with our experienced product specialists.  We also provide on-site consultation to insure things go together as planned. The guidance we provide is free. We also provide full installation and service for our products, including site visits during the build process to network with the general contractor.

The main purpose of this letter is to express our thanks to the installation crew. They appeared on time, performed the work in a professional manner, they were courteous and did a great clean up job. You are fortunate to have such dedicated people working for your company. Again, we express our thanks for a job well done and wish you continued success.

Robert J., Wellfleet, MA

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