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Rolling Shutters

Protect Your Dreams with Motorized Convenience

Whether by the sea, in the desert, or in the mountains, Rolling Shutters are the ultimate solution when you want to protect what’s behind your windows and doors. With Rolling Shutters, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home has a sturdy layer of hurricane protection and storm protection. Rolling shutters shield against wind-blown debris, sand blasting and water penetration. Strong, secure, and durable, our Rolling Hurricane Shutters are proven to reduce energy and maintenance costs while making your home more comfortable to live in. 







We Are a Full Service Company

We started installing rolling shutters on coastal homes throughout New England 30 years ago. We've seen how this multi-purpose window treatment has protected homes, stopped water leaks, improved energy performance and extended the service life of expensive windows and doors. Our Product Specialists are available to answer your questions and provide design guidance

Built-in Rolling Storm Shutters

The Smart Window Treatment.

Integrate our high performance rolling shutters in to your new home design for maximum aesthetics and performance.


We offer free consultation for architects and general contractors as well as on-site services.


Types of Rolling Shutters

hurricane shutters.jpg

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Rated Shutters protect your fragile windows and doors from water penetration and breakage during hurricanes and Nor’easters. Ultimately, a failure in those openings in the structure’s envelope can cause complete devastation to the home or business.

Hurricane Shutters offer premier storm protection against wind storms, driving rain, hand air-borne debris. We have huge selection of Hurricane Protection products for all types of applications. Our rolling shutters may be manually operated or remotely controlled with wireless motors,

Even when you are not physically at the location of the storm, rolling shutters can offer you peace of mind. 


security shutters.jpg

Security Shutters

School shootings and other violent incidents have unfortunately become all too common in recent years, making school safety a top priority for educators and parents alike.


Motorized roll-down shutters are one of the most effective ways to discourage intruders, whether at home, in school classrooms or in your place of worship. This quick deterrent rolls down in front of a classroom door, adding valuable time for first responders to arrive.

Rolling Shutters have been used as security shutters all over the world for decades with incredible success. When used to cover exterior glass areas roll-shutters can greatly reduce vandalism and glass breakage while also improving thermal performance of windows and doors

In today's world Security Shutters are an essential part of insuring  personal safety.

storm shutters.jpg
solar shutters.jpg

Storm Shutters

Storm Shutters are the broad category of Storm Protection products. Of course, they come in all types of sizes, features and functionality. We have a full line of rolling shutters, hinged storm shutters and storm panels for you to to explore on our website or we would love for you to swing by one of our showrooms to see live demo models.

Storm Shutters are specifically engineered and designed for high hinds, flying debris protection and ultimately given a rating for Hurricane Protection. A little known fact: The most damaging type of wind value is not the force of the wind blowing directly on your home. This force is called positive pressure, and typically, many believe this is the strongest force against their home or business. Believe it or not, the negative pressure, or, the air passing by your windows and doors, has far greater power. Many low-grade storm shutters and hurricane protection products fail under this pressure.

Energy Savings

Insulating Rolling Shutter curtains have a double wall construction filled with a specialized polyurethane foam designed to increase R-factor and deflect solar penetration. Many rolling shutters can perform this function, but not all are created equal. The energy efficiency of our exterior rolling shutters is up to 95% more effective than interior solar shades.


Many homeowners have taken advantage of energy savings by using these types of rolling shutters in both the summer and winter seasons. Reducing heating and air conditioning waste throughout the entire year makes good sense for the climate and your wallet. Not only do they block up to 90% of heat gain and loss, they also provide substantial reduction of outside noises.

Privacy Shutters

Privacy And Room Darkening rolling shutters are equipped with perforations allowing ambient light and air to pass through when needed. When fully closed the perforations disappear for full room darkening shades.


Close off outdoor bar areas, pool cabanas, work shops, gun safes Some business owners use rolling shutters to close off the outside world after working hours, to protect the last few employees as they finish money counts, paperwork, and prepare bank deposits.

Electric Rolling Shutters

electric rolling shutters.png

Motorized Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutter Motor Controls

Controls & Accessories

You can choose to  motorize your shutters and operate with standard wall switches or wireless controls. Integrate controls into a broad variety of smart home systems.


We feature Somfy motors and components – UL approved.


Tells Remote

Enjoy remote control convenience of your rolling shutter with the simple push of a button inside or outside your home. The remote is compatible with all of Somfy’s RTS motor and controls and is available in single or four channel models.


Dekoflex Wireless Wall Switch

A wireless radio switch compatible with all RTS motors and receivers, it will operate window coverings at a distance with no wiring needed. They are available in single or four channel models.


Battery Backup

A self-contained battery powered portable unit is specially designed to provide 115VAC, 3.5 amps back-up power for operating motorized security rolling doors, shutters, and awnings in the event of a power outage.

Cannot tell you enough how much we are pleased with our shutters. Now that the hot weather is here, we are using them to keep the house cool by lowering the upper shutters during a particularly hot day. We do lower them when there are storms but also if it happens to be a windy and/or cold night. We find that they help maintain the warmth in the house.

Marriam R. Madison, CT

Unparalleled Service

We guarantee a successful experience

Design professionals and property owners call us each day to discuss their projects.

First, we like to listen and learn your objectives. Our experienced Product Specialist will ask you questions and will share product information to determine if our solutions and services are a good fit. We may ask you to share images of your “as-built” or proposed project area.

When you are ready, we will schedule a consultation at your home or office. If you are in one of our full service areas, there is no fee charged. Otherwise, we will assist you in product specification and installation design remotely.

We will produce a detailed proposal and review this with you so you know exactly the scope of the work proposed and the contract price.

We work as a team so our collective years of expertise can be put to work for you, every time you need us.

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