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What Our Clients Say About Us

Many thanks for assisting me on the phone recently who I called about our Super-Mini HQ-Safe Roller Shades, your help is greatly appreciated! My thanks too for the fine work done during the subsequent and prompt service call by your two service technicians; they were very nice and the repairs were done expertly and expediently.

George M., Wellflett, MA

In 1973, I built a house with two large picture windows on either side of my upstairs bedroom. During my first hurricane in the house, I realized that should a tree branch hit and break a window, the horizontal rain of a large storm would come in, go down the stairs, and eventually flood both the upstairs and downstairs. There after, plywood was nailed over the windows, but the boards were huge on the second floor. This was something I could not put up myself, and finding a carpenter with a storm coming was not always easy.
I never answer ads, but I did just this once when I saw Shade & Shutter Systems. I installed shutters over the big windows, so now I need only press a light switch and down come the shutters protecting my glass. I also discovered that if I lower the shutters at night, the heat in my house goes up 10 degrees, so I am saving on my heating bill, as well as protecting my house my storms. Needless to say, I am delighted with the shutters, and bit by bit, I am putting them on all my windows.

Edith B., Martha’s Vineyard 2013

The project was completed with highly satisfactory results. From the office staff, who showed us what options we had, to the installers, who were highly skilled professionals and who demonstrated how to use the panels, all were most pleasant. They even recommended our purchase of the less expensive option, the clear corrugated polycarbonate over the more expensive roller shutters for our purposes and showed this eighty eight year old how he could easily put them in place. I highly recommend Shade & Shutter Systems, Inc.

Harmon D., Eastham MA 2013

The awning looks great! Just what we had hoped for in terms of quality, durability and security; and its a great color match. The installation crew were very professional. They did a thorough, complete and tidy job. They were also very patient and attentive to the questions we had for them, and answered each one clearly and completely. Great job by everyone!! Thanks for all your patience and attentiveness. You made it relatively pleasant and easy to get the job done expeditiously and satisfactorily. GOOD DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU!

Jack M., Chatham, MA

Throughout the summer, we have used our screens to reduce the amount of sunlight that streams into our very large windows and to darken the rooms while watching TV during the day, as well as adding atmosphere to our rooms.

Cathy H., Hyannis MA

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