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Clearly Protect Your Property Without Changing It

The simplicity of VuSafe Hurricane Storm Panels will save you time & energy while providing peace of mind knowing your property

is safe. Both elegant & affordable, VuSafe Hurricane Panels are perfect for storm protection or seasonal closures.







Storm Symbol


Florida Product Approval

#FL 14664-R3     2020

Missile D Impact Test

Lightweight and Easy-to-Install

VuSafe see-through storm panels let the light in and are easy to use in advance of an approaching hurricane or for seasonal property protection. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, our system is custom manufactured, pre-cut and numbered to make installation a snap. 


Speak with one of our product specialists about designing a plan to protect your home, lower your maintenance and insurance costs while raising your peace of mind.


VuSafe polycarbonate panels are UV resistant and 10% thicker than other clear panels increasing strength and performance.

VuSafe™ Panel Detail

Retention Header Attachment System
retention header.jpg
Rotate Panel 
to Vertical
Lower Panel
into Position
Build Up
Aluminum Channel Measurements
Ultra-h™ Header
Ultra-L/F Sill™ 
Ultra-F™ Track

A Complete Storm Protection Solution

While many panel suppliers do not supply attachment channels and hardware, we offer innovative solutions for any installation condition. Our VuSafe panels feature simple to use attachment options that don’t alter the look of your home or business. Minimize ladder work with our exclusive Hurricane Hooks and Ultra H header track with quick hang panel clips. Our System is safer for homeowners to use than any other panel product, including plywood.

Working With Design Professionals

We bridge the gap. Simply specifying a product often does not complete the plan for installation. We work in collaboration with design/build professionals at early stages of projects to review plans, product specification and installation considerations for the wide range of solutions we offer. The earlier we connect the better the outcome. This activity is often done through screen shares with our experienced product specialists.  We also provide on-site consultation to insure things go together as planned. The guidance we provide is free. We also provide full installation and service for our products, including site visits during the build process to network with the general contractor.

Cannot tell you enough how much we are pleased with our shutters. Now that the hot weather is here, we are using them to keep the house cool by lowering the upper shutters during a particularly hot day. We do lower them when there are storms but also if it happens to be a windy and/or cold night. We find that they help maintain the warmth in the house.

Marriam R. Madison, CT

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