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A Warming Planet: The Advantages of Exterior Motorized Retractable Solar Screens in Modern Homes

Updated: Apr 29

Exterior solar shades
Solar shade view from the outside

In an era where energy efficiency and privacy are escalating concerns for homeowners, the integration of exterior motorized retractable shades has emerged as a transformative solution. Externally installed solar shading offers outstanding benefits, including drastically improving thermal performance of your home’s glass areas while enhancing privacy and driving down your energy usage.

It’s a fact: Rising global air temperatures are rising at an alarming rate, breaking records with each passing year. This is placing more demand on energy consumption which only contributes to further warm our planet. There are readily available solutions which can reduce your carbon footprint, increase your comfort and lower your energy costs. Exterior Solar Shades are an effective option for retrofit or new construction.

Solar shade view from the inside

Kill the heat not the view

Exterior Solar screening is a proven winner. As the sun’s rays penetrate through windows your glass areas heat up significantly impacting indoor temperatures, leading to increased loads on air conditioning systems during warmer months.

With advanced fabric technologies these shades maintain pleasant views to the exterior while rejecting up to 95% of heat and UV light.

Why exterior?

It’s all about U-Value. Simply put, U-value is a measure of how well your glass areas can resist heat flow. So the lower you can get your U-value the less energy you’ll need to stay cool. Studies show that exterior installed solar shades decrease the U-value of glazing by 40% compare to interior shades. That’s a huge savings which can also help if you’re looking to improve your HERS rating on an existing home or a new build design.

By strategically deploying motorized solar screens, homeowners can regulate the amount of sunlight entering their living spaces, thereby minimizing temperature fluctuations and reducing the need for excessive cooling and subsequent energy consumption. This proactive approach also reduces UV light entering the living space, creating a healthier environment and reducing fading of interior furnishings and art.

What about the Wind?

These products are engineered for high wind exposure. Exterior motorized solar screens are secured with narrow side tracks which retain the fabric whether partially or fully deployed.

Whether it’s shielding against the scorching heat of summer or insulating against the chill of winter, the versatility of motorized shades ensures year-round comfort without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Customizable comfort

Beyond energy efficiency, privacy remains a paramount concern for many homeowners seeking sanctuary within their dwellings. At the touch of a button these shades empower individuals to curate their desired ambiance without sacrificing tranquility or security.

The integration of automated technology elevates the convenience and functionality of window treatments to unprecedented levels.

With remote-controlled operation, homeowners can effortlessly adjust shade positions to suit their preferences. 

Elevating design

Available in a myriad of fabric densities and colors, these shades can be tailored to  integrate into the architectural design, they serve as both functional elements and aesthetic accents, elevating a minimalist interior design.

In conclusion, the adoption of exterior motorized retractable solar screens represents a judicious investment for homeowners seeking to enhance energy efficiency and overall comfort within their living spaces.

For design professionals the benefits can be game changing when designing large glass openings. By harnessing the power of automation, these screens offer greatly enhanced thermal performance, long term financial savings and end-user comfort.

As the demand for sustainable and technologically advanced solutions continues to rise, motorized retractable solar shades emerge as indispensable asset in the pursuit of a more harmonious efficient home and work environments.

Interested in adding motorized retractable screens to your home or business? Contact us today or call 1-800 522 1599 to speak to a Product Specialist.

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