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What to expect from Hurricane Fabric and other storm protection solutions.

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Hurricane Fabric and Storm Protection Solutions

During a major wind storm, unprotected glass openings can be breached by high wind forces and air borne debris. The resulting sudden disruption to the envelope of the building can cause major structural failure. This is why it is so important to protect all of a buildings openings against hurricane force winds. There are several types of hurricane rated storm shutters which offer varying levels of protection and functionality. Here are some popular storm shutter options ranging from most costly to most affordable. Lets take a quick look at Hurricane Fabric and Storm Protection Solutions… you may be surprised.

Rolling Shutters

The most functional storm protection shutters are Rolling Shutters which can be quickly rolled down to prevent glass breakage due to flying debris. Because they are always present and ready to be used, you do not need to depend on a crew showing up to “board up” your windows and doors. Often motor operated with manual override features, rolling shutters also are useful for daily for sun control, energy conservation and security. Impact resistant rolling shutters provide the greatest level of peace of mind and ease of use.

Storm Panels

See through polycarbonate storm panels are another smart way to hurricane proof your home. One product called VuSafe Storm Panels offer clever attachment options making the act of putting your storm shutters in place a safer and easier process when storms are approaching. The storm panels are prefabricated, light weight and made of impact resistant clear polycarbonate. This allows natural light to enter, a plus when the power is out. You still have to take the panels from storage and put them in place. This product will greatly reduce the potential of glass breakage due to airborne debris.

Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane fabric “storm shutters” were conceived to be a low cost storm protection device intended to maintain the pressure envelope of a building during a hurricane. This category of Hurricane protection meets code requirements as it can maintain the pressure envelope of the building once openings have been breached by airborne debris.

The fabric covers typically are secured to a buildings openings with anchors and grommets. There is usually some ladder work required and you will need to consider a bit more preparation time to secure all openings. It is important to understand that hurricane fabric solutions do not prevent glass openings from breakage and subsequent water infiltration.

The singular purpose of hurricane fabrics is to prevent high winds from entering the structure even when the glass opening has been breached. While hurricane fabric can satisfy building code compliance, it is important that home owners and facilities managers understand the this point.

Get More Facts about Hurricane Fabric and Storm Protection Solutions

It is worthwhile to have a conversation with a storm protection professional when considering your options for reducing your risk of storm damage. Speak with one of our Product Specialists to discuss your project - Call 800-522- 1599

-Paul Craig

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