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How to Install Hurricane Window Fabric

Updated: Aug 15

Our hurricane window fabrics are easy to set up, but we still recommend that you practice several times over the summer. When storms threaten, you want to have a confident & quick installation with no hassle. This practice will also give you an opportunity to look over your hurricane window fabric system for wear or missing hardware.

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VIDEO GUIDE – How to Install Your Hurricane Window Fabric

Paul Craig, President & CEO, walks you through the installation process for our Fabric Hurricane Screens. There is a transcript below in case you are having problems with the video.

With hurricane fabric covers, this is a type of manually installed product that you are going to be putting up before a hurricane strikes. So at the issuance of a hurricane warning, you will go out and locate your hurricane fabric panels corresponding to each numbered location on your home. There’s a couple different ways you might install this panel.

The most simplistic type is what is called a Grommet Screen. A grommet screen is a series of grommets that are embedded in the perimeter of the fabric. Simply align the grommets with the embedded hardware that is in your trim casing, and use a sidewalk bolt to attach right through to it. Put the sidewalk bolts in loosely until you have actually pulled the fabric across the opening and put them all into place. After you have got one bolt in each grommet hole, then tighten it down by hand. Again, we do not recommend you use power tools for this, we recommend you just hand tighten. And that’s all there is to that.

If your hurricane fabric has a track system at the top, like this, this is called an Easy Screen and its even easier to put in. You simply slide the left of the fabric into the track and then you will cleat it down at the bottom by pulling it through, feeding the fabric through the tensioner, and then tighten it down. And that’s all there is to it, and you do that to all of the openings.

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