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How to Install VuSafe Window Panels with Hurricane Hook Mounting Attachments

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

It’s very important to be prepared before storms come rolling up the coast. Unlike other storm panel providers, VuSafe Hurricane Window Panel kits come complete with a full set of exclusive mounting attachments, making them the easiest to handle & install at a moment’s notice. We highly recommend that youpractice installing your hurricane window panels several times during the summer to make sure everything fits well and that you have all the hardware you need.

If you find that something is missing, you can order replacement hardware for your hurricane window panels by contacting us at 800-522-1599.

VIDEO GUIDE – How to Install VuSafe Window

Panels with Hurricane Hooks

Paul Craig, President & CEO, explains the proper installation procedure for VuSafe Window Panels using our Hurricane Hook system. There is a transcript below in case you are having problems with the video.

[For anyone] who has our clear VuSafe Hurricane Panel, it’s a good idea to get a few of them out of storage and dry fit them over a couple of different locations you have around your home before we go into a hurricane warning. So, we’re going to look very quickly at different ways to attach these panels.

These are called Hurricane Hooks. If you have these above your window, you simply bring the panel up over the hooks and roll it right down onto it. At the bottom you will have track bolts that will line up with the keyhole punches, here. You simply line up the keyhole with the trackbolt, apply polycarbonate washer over that and then put on your washered wingnut. There is no need to use a power tool for this, simply snug it down by hand. And do that all the way across and you’ll be good to go!

Speak with one of our Product Specialists to discuss your project - Call 800-522- 1599

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