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WeatherRail Louvered Railing System

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

WeatherRail All-Weather Louvered Railings are a brand new product application that expand on our louvered plantation shutter series. WeatherRail is a louvered deck & porch railing systems that will provide you with increased privacy and extra control over the elements and the use of your property.

They can be used as weather protection and wind screens for porches, patios, decks and gazebos. The louvers lock in any position to stop winds from blowing the louvers open or closed. This is also a great way to keep young ones from pinching there fingers in the louvers. The locking mechanism is completely made of billet aluminum and wrapped with a durable polymer plastic for a sleek finished look. The louvers, frame, and internal structure is made of billet and extruded aluminum and powder coated for extra durability and extreme weather defense.

These WeatherRail systems are a perfect solution for privacy fencing, childproof areas, and pool enclosures. Any time you want to block the breeze, the wind, the rain, or the view, this is a product you may want to take a close look at. Virtually any area can be equipped with WeatherRail or WetherWell products.

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Like WeatherRail, Exterior Plantation Shutters are available in sliding, bi-fold and fixed panel models with a wide range of powder-coat finishes. This patented design allows you to adjust the louver blades and lock them in any position for precision control over the elements.

The blades can also be locked completely shut to protect outdoor kitchens, patio furniture, grills, pool supplies and the home from vandalism, theft, and wildlife. Block out the wind or the view in just seconds with the tilt and lock feature.

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