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How to Inspect Your Metal Roller Shutters

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Metal roller shutters may collect dust & debris over time. It is important to check your installation regularly to make sure you are prepared when storms come rolling up our coast. We provide cleaning & maintenance services for metal roller shutters, even if you purchased them from another installer!

Schedule a cleaning & maintenance appointment today so there are no unfortunate surprises when you need your roller shutters the most.

VIDEO GUIDE – How to Inspect Your Metal Roller Shutters

Paul Craig, President & CEO, highly recommends you perform regular inspections of your metal roller shutters to ensure everything is working when you need it most. In this video, Paul explains the proper inspection protocol for your roller shutters. There is a transcript below in case you are having problems with the video.

Rolling Shutters and How Your Home Can Be Prepared For a Storm If You Have Rolling Shutters.

Don’t wait until a hurricane is approaching to check the operations of your shutters. If you have rolling shutters installed on the exterior of your home, walk around the perimeter of your home and visually inspect that the bottom of the curtain profile is visible and engaged in the side guiderail. If it’s not, if it’s pushed up and out of the way, and you can’t see it, you very well may have a problem when you go to operate your shutters.

So, having said that, if you can visually see the curtains are all in the proper place, then check the operation. If they are motorized, you should be able to push a button, let the shutter go all the way down, and then cycle it to go all the way up. If that all works fine, you’re in good shape.

If you roll your shutter all the way down and it’s not operating as smoothly as this is here, you may have sand or something else blocking the normal operation. Do a visual inspection and make sure you don’t have any sand or ice, or any other kind of blockage in here. If you do, or the shutter just needs a cleaning, call us and we can schedule you for a cleaning & maintenance.

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